Xtreme Blue 10 pack - 11th Cutter Free!

Xtreme Blue 10 pack - 11th Cutter Free!

Xtreme Blue uses proprietary ultra-fine (0.001mm) nano-technology to apply a super-thin coating to titanium carbide. In comparison to uncoated compression cutters, Xtreme Blue cutters are 40 percent harder at 4200HV (versus 3000HV) and boast superior heat resistance to protect the blade from temperature.

In three independent trials, the Xtreme Blue coated compression cutters produced over twice as many boards than the uncoated solid carbide cutters before wearing out.

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Finishing router bits produce a smooth and visually appealing surface finish on the material. They work best when following a roughing cutter.

Compression cutters combine both and up cut and down cut spirals to force chips into the centre of the panel. The inwards pressure prevents chipping on either surface.

Three flute router bits have a smooth cutting action and a greater finish in harder materials. Three flute router bits last longer, run faster feed rates and are less susceptible to breaks than one and two flute router bits.