Xtreme Blue Downcut Chipbreaker Router Bit - 2 Wing

PRODUCT CODE V202.060.015.065NXB

Down-cut chip breaker router bits produce an excellent top surface when machining, making them perfect for grooving and pocketing. 

The chipbreaker geometry refers to the notches in the cutting edge. These notches shorten the chips produced, which reduces the amount of heat caused by friction and increases the longevity of the tool. The notches are offset so you aren’t left with lines on the board. The following edge removes any remaining material and the finish left behind is close to perfect. However, there is a slight coarseness left behind by the corners of the notches that dig into the material.

Two flute router bits have a smooth cutting action, last longer and can run at a higher feed rate compared to single flute cutters. Great for grooving in MDF.


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