Turbo Compression Router Bits - 3 Wing

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Turbo is the next generation of compression cutter. Its innovative segmented geometry creates a clear exit path for waste material. Aside from improved dust extraction, the genius design shortens the chip length, resulting in reduced noise, cutting force and heat. All the while providing a perfect edge quality, available for MDF, Chipboard, HPL and Plywood. 

Turbo is ground from titanium carbide rods and coated with Xtreme Blue, culminating in the most advanced compression cutter on the market. Turbo answers the call for a faster, longer lasting nesting solution with the ability to yield 50% more sheets at speeds up to 40m/min. Don’t be left in the dust, Turbo-charge your operation with the latest technology in compression cutters.

The 3 wing Turbo consists of three up cut flutes and six segmented down cut flutes. For best performance in 16mm/18mm board we recommend the 12mm+ diameter tools.

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Xtreme Blue in Action

This is where coatings benefit your tools: 

  • Lower friction
  • Higher resistance to heat
  • Higher resistance to impact 4200HV
  • Diffusion barrier between the tool and the chip
  • The nano-tech coating used in our Xtreme Blue cutters can withstand up to 1200C.

Forget what you know about coated router bits. Introducing an exclusive range designed just for MDF and all laminated panels.

Longer lasting, higher heat resistance and better performance, Xtreme Blue uses proprietary ultra-fine (0.001mm) nano-technology to apply a super-thin coating to titanium carbide. In comparison to uncoated router bits, Xtreme Blue cutters are 40 percent harder at 4200HV (versus 3000HV) and boast superior heat resistance to protect the cutting edge from temperature. In three independent trials, the Xtreme Blue coated compression cutters produced over twice as many boards than the uncoated solid carbide cutters before wearing out.


Since we started using Xtreme Blue our replacement time has halved. The cutters last twice as long and produce a very clear cut. We can actually machine faster than before, so our production cycle times have sped up by 25 percent. Marius van der Walt, Head of Operations, Timberline Bathroom Products

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