Titanium Compression Roughing Router Bits - 2 Wing 12 x 35 x 80

PRODUCT CODE V806.095.025.076X

Titanium Compression Roughing Router Bits are the ultimate efficiency tool when it comes to removing large amounts of excess material. They combine both and up cut and down cut spirals to force chips into the centre of the panel. The inwards pressure prevents delamination on either surface and evenly distributes the chip flow and cutting forces. The elongated cutting edge keeps the tool cooler for longer, extending machining times and increasing speeds.

Two wing router bits have a smoother cutting action and larger flutes than three wing cutters.

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When to use chipbreaker, finishing and roughing cutters

Fraser explains why the difference between chipbreaker, roughing and finishing geometries. Watch the video to understand the differences in:

  • Cut quality
  • Longevity
  • Feed speeds
  • Tool rigidity

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