HSK63F Chuck


The HSK63F Chuck is a steep taper tool holder design for high precision routing and is available in two sizes - ER32 (Router shaft range of 1mm to 20mm diameter) and ER40 (Router shaft range of 2mm to 26mm Diameter).

The 1:10 taper shank must be connected to HSK 63F compatible spindle receivers. HSK receivers incorporate segmented collects which expand radially under draw bar pressure to bear against the inner wall of the shank. This causes firm metal to metal contact as well as mating the shank's flange with the receiver.

We supply this chuck with either ball-bearing or standard nut, see description below to find the added benefit of ball bearing nuts.

The Taper

The taper allows a tightened grip as the chuck is pull further into the receiver as well as centring the tool in relation to the rotation of the router motor. Balanced rotation is critical when operating at speeds up to 24,000 RPM.

Ball-Bearing Nut

Ball Bearing Nuts tighten easier and don't damage your collets. The part of the nut which contacts the collet is on a bearing and allows the collet to remain still whilst the nut is tightened onto it. This prevents the metal on metal rubbing which stops you from tightening further and damages both the collet and nut. Upgrade or replace your old nut today!

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Everything you NEED to know about Chucks and Ball Bearing Nuts

The ball bearing nut is a simple yet critical component of your tool holders. As opposed to the standard nut, the ball bearing prevents distortion in your spring collet. A standard nut imposes steel on steel contact between the collet and nut, whereas the inner flange of the ball-bearing nut sits on a ball race and remains stationary with the collet as the nut is tightened.

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