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Our drive for technology and innovation keeps us searching for new methods to cut emerging materials. We don't stop at just our online range of products, Panel Tools offers you our limitless range of tailor made tooling. Help us to help you shape your business. Our adaptability to change, and our flexibility in doing business means we can provide you with the tooling that best suits your needs. Simply tell us; what material you're cutting, the volume of work you're producing, the machine you're using and the profile you're looking to produce.

See below for examples of tailor made profiles we have provided to our customers. 

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TCT/Solid Carbide

TCT and Solid Carbide Router Bits are fast to produce, low-cost and rigid, suitable for both handheld and CNC use. The Solid Carbide Router Bits however, are available with coatings and in more complex geometries, for cutting different materials. If you have a small volume job or a "one-off" job which you need a custom tool for, consider TCT or Solid Carbide Router Bits.

Diamond (PCD)

Diamond tools are perfect for high output operations or working with highly abrasive materials, this is due to the hardness and long life properties of Diamond. Similarly to TCT and Solid Carbide Routers, Diamond tools can be produced in small intricate profiles.

Replaceable Knife Cutterheads

Replaceable Knife Cutterheads are limited to the kind of profiles they can produce. Generally, a cutterhead has a larger cutting diameter, which means they may not be viable for small intricate profiles. Replaceable knife cutterheads are also generally used in high out put operations. The knives can be swapped out quickly to eliminate downtime and the profile is always constant.

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Getting Tailor Made Tooling From Us

When looking to get tailor made tooling from us, there are a few things we need from you. We need to know:
• What material(s) you are cutting
• The machinery used to process the material
• The dimensions or the profile you are trying to produce
• The volume you are producing (small or large quantities)


Just one of many satisfied customers with our tailor made solution

Scott Harris -  Architectural Timber Joinery

“We approached Panel Tools about producing a large replaceable knife cutterhead for machining big window sills over 450mm wide. The team at Panel Tools recommended the largest diameter tool that will be both effective and safe. We received drawings and technical data about the tool to approve. After a couple drafts, we settled on a tool that would work. Along with the tool holders to suit our machine and spare knives for the cutterhead. Within a few weeks, the cutterhead arrived and we were able to begin machining. The tool was produced exactly to the approved drawing and worked as expected. Great result.”

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