Tools should be replaced at the first sign of edge deterioration, to prevent further damage to toolholders.

It should be fed slowly enough so that it is not under significant strain or too slow to be subject to burning.

Do not use adaptor bushings to reduce the size of the collect.

The correct router must be used for its intended purpose or it may wear out

Router mechanism must also be checked regularly

Inspect tools for collet marks which indicates slipping or dust build up. Check collet for wear.

Collets should be replaced every 300-400 run hours.

Most of the saw blades we stock are standardised sizes to fit common machines. The most critical measurement to check when purchasing a saw blade is the bore on the main blade (generally 30mm) and the bore on the scribe blade (generally 20 or 22mm).

Panel Tools offers new promotional deals each month. These deals will be advertised at the bottom of the page of relevant categories. If you want to inquire about bulk order deals, don’t hesitate to contact us via

Our router bits, tool holders, saw blades and turn over knives all come from Europe.

Some items such as edge banding tooling and diamond profile cutters are not stocked due to their specialty requirements. Therefore, when ordering these items, you must allow time for the manufacturing and shipping from overseas suppliers. All other items which are not pre-order are stocked and will generally be despatched from our warehouse within 48 hours of the order being placed.

Yes we can. Give us a call or an email. We'll just need to know a few things from you, such as:

• What material(s) you are cutting
• The machinery used to process the material
• The dimensions or the profile you are trying to produce
• The volume you are producing (small or large quantities)

Manufacturing of that tool will have to take place, and it will then be shipped. Expect your tool to arrive in 3-5 weeks. Give us a call or see our tailor made tooling page for more.

Our bulk order discount operates on a product variant level. This means the discount applies if you order 10 or more of the same size of a specific product. For example, the discount applies if you order 10 or more of the 10mm Xtreme Blue Compression Cutters. It will not apply, if you order 5, 10mm Xtreme Blue Cutters and 5, 9.5mm Xtreme Blue Cutters.