Accurate Group

Panel Tools Online is an organisation dedicated to growing your business. Starting from humble beginnings our founder, Craig Honeyman, grew our two sister companies Stirling Machinery and Accurate Timber Products from nothing. Businesses which are now leaders in their Australian markets.

Joining Craig as Director of Panel Tools is Fraser Killen, who has been an integral part of the Accurate Group for many years, bringing his knowledge of tooling to the forefront.

Panel Tools Online plans to stand on the shoulders of these giants to provide profitable solutions to businesses in the timber panelling industry. In doing so, we hope to maintain the integrity and spread the culture of the Accurate Group.

Our Mission

The Panel Tools Online team is determined to jerk the timber paneling industry into the future with an innovative approach to service. The online platform is just the beginning…

We have internationally sourced premium grade tooling to ensure joineries, cabinet makers, CNC factories and hobbyists are second to none. Our product is our bond and our aim is to educate our clients on their appropriate uses.

Panel Tools Online is the single source for panel tools online so you can add to cart and get to work.

ABN: 85 604 034 951


Our Cause

We have a curious and innovative approach. Our customers are being challenged to machine new materials and we are passionate about discovering new methods to solve these unprecedented challenges. Although we take your business seriously, Panel Tools provides a quirky, relaxing environment our staff enjoy being a part of every day they're with us.