Strewth Stack

Strewth Stack

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This pack includes 2 wing Xtreme Blue compression cutters which we recommend for machining laminated MDF and a fresh collet to suit the respective cutter sizes.

It includes three 3/8" or 10mm cutters, one 12mm or 1/2" cutter and two collets to suit for only $400+GST.

Select the compression cutter and collet diameter using the drop down menus below.

High Precision Collet to suit shaft diameter 9mm to 10mm ER32 (ex GST $33.30)    (Only 22 left in stock)   +AUD$0.00

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Collets are used in conjunction with chucks to hold your tooling. They compress down on the tooling as the nut is tightened into the chuck using a nut spanner. Collets should be replayed approximately every 400-600 run hours. Spring collets have a collapseable range of 1mm, however, it is reccomended to only use tools that are as close as possible to the upper limit of the collets hole diameter.

Compression Cutters

Compression cutters combine both and up cut and down cut spirals to force chips into the centre of the panel. The inwards pressure prevents chipping on either surface.

Two wing cutters are better at clearing dust compared to three wing cutters due to their relatively larger flutes. This is a major advantage when machining MDF or Plywood.

The smaller diameter cutter may be used for common thicknesses of board such as 16 and 18mm colorboard, whereas, the larger diameter cutter may be used for machining 25mm or 33mm board.

Xtreme Blue uses proprietary ultra-fine (0.001mm) nano-technology to apply a super-thin coating to titanium carbide. In comparison to uncoated compression cutters, Xtreme Blue cutters are 40 percent harder at 4200HV (versus 3000HV) and boast superior heat resistance to protect the blade from temperature.

Recommended parameters for optimum life:

RPM - 18000

Feed Rate - 20-24m/min