Downcut Finishing Router Bits - 1 Wing 3 x 14 x 55

PRODUCT CODE V101.030.014.050N

Down-cut Finishing router bits produce a flawless top surface when machining, making them perfect for grooving and pocketing. The single flute prevents material from clogging, even when the cutter diameter is as small as 2mm or 3mm. It also allows the cutter to plunge at a steep angle more easily. 

They are commonly used on MDF and chipboard and may also be used on vinyl wrapped surfaces to prevent burring.

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1, 2 or 3 wing: The lowdown on downcut CNC router bits

Down-cut refers to the direction of the flute on the router bit which forces the chips downwards. The downwards flow not only helps to hold the material in place but creates the best finish on the top side of the cut area. It’s used for grooving and pocketing, primarily on MDF and chipboard but it can also be used on vinyl wrapped surfaces.

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