Cove and Ribbed Profiles

Cove wall panelling and ribbed profile doors add texture and depth to your kitchen and cabinetry offerings

Trends in kitchens and cabinetry change frequently, with shows such as The Block and Grand Designs influencing end users’ requirements. At Panel Tools, we’re always anticipating and responding to emerging trends in the market. The latest trends that are in demand from our customers are cove wall panelling and ribbed profile doors, both of which are becoming increasingly popular in kitchens and cabinetry.

Cove wall panelling and ribbed profile doors create a contemporary, panelled style that adds texture and depth to cabinetry and a unique finish to the product. You only need one tool to create both profiles, our TCT Cove and Ribbed Cutters. Adding these to your collection will enable you to produce the finest profiles for your doors and panelling, adding more options for your customers to choose from.

Cove and Ribbed Profiles

The Tool – when standard TCT router bits don’t cut it

The TCT Router Bit for cove and ribbed profiles is optimal to use on MDF and generally comes in standard sizes. This limits the variety of profiles that can be created when using a CNC machine. For example, if you’re looking to produce an oval shape, or non-standard sizing, the likelihood of finding tooling that can achieve this is very low.

Using standard tooling can also bring about further difficulties. When trying to produce cove or ribbed profiles on a cabinet door, you may experience the profile of the cut running off the edge of the board. This will leave your finished product with an incomplete profile running along the edge of the door. To solve this, you’ll have to adjust the spacing when machining on your CNC, which is quite difficult, time consuming and a waste of material.

Tailor-made tooling solutions

At Panel Tools, we specialise in working with our customers to provide them with the specific solutions they need. While some simply require standard tooling, many of our customers count on us to provide them with tailor-made tools, so they have the right-sized tools that are appropriate for the application. 

Our personalised solutions eliminate a level of complexity to this style of door and panelling because you can make the profile exactly the size you need.

Order your tailor-made TCT router bits today

For cove and ribbed profiles, we can produce braised tip cutters exactly to spec within two to three weeks. Simply send us the required information, as well as a drawing or photo of what you’re looking to achieve. For higher volume solutions, we offer replaceable knife custom heads or diamond-brazed custom tools. This can be more cost-effective over larger scale jobs or ongoing work.

To help us provide the right tool for your application, we need to know a few things about your project:

  • What material(s) you are cutting.
  • The machinery you’ll be using to process the material.
  • The dimensions or the profile you’re trying to produce.
  • The volume you’re producing (small or large quantities).

Be on trend and stay a step ahead of the competition by adding cove and ribbed profile options for doors and panelling. Invest in TCT router bits for cove and ribbed cutters, from Panel Tools.

To learn more about our tailor-made tools or place an order, call us on 1800 077 862 or contact us. We look forward to being of service.