Micro-fine TC Z=96 Panel Saw Set

Micro-fine TC Z=96 Panel Saw Set

Micro-fine blades have a higher grade of carbide allowing it to perform long after other blades.

This range of blades are also ultrabalanced and extra quiet.


Price excluding GST: $228

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Dimensions are displayed as diameter x kerf x plate thickness x bore Z= no. of teeth

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300 x 3.2 x 2.2 x 30 Z=96 Micro-fine TC (ex. GST $160)    (Only 6 left in stock)   +AUD$0.00

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Price as configured: AUD$227.27

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Price as configured: AUD$227.27



Main Blade: 300mm Z=96 TC Xtreme

Scribe: 120mm Z=12+12 FT

Main Blade

This saw blade performs general purpose panel sizing and fine detail trimming efficiently. The Triple Chip (TC) tooth geometry is highly regarded for its durability and low tooth drag. We recommend this saw blade for its precision straight cutting and high durability.

Scribe Blade

Scoring blades work in conjunction with your panelling saw blade to cut panels without chipping. This scoring blade consists of two pieces which fit together (separated by shims) and have Flat Tooth (FT) tooth geometry. The width can be adjusted by increasing the overall thickness of shims. FT blades have a balanced cutting force, cutting both sides of the kerf at once.